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 Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 8th & 9th, 2018 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Merchants and Players of Shrewsbury

From Urchone's Alley to Goose Hill Way, from Friar Tuck's Forest to the Wallows, each Village lane has its own unique blend of Artisans, Entertainments, and Delights.

* Merry Merchants
* Meandering Merchants
* Fyne Feasting
* Pleasant Players
* Amusements and Diversions
* Living History Guild Displays
* Shrewsbury Living History Production Guilds
* Patrons of the Arts

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Merry Merchants

  Dancer's Body Jewelry

Barbarian Pottery
  Magic Tyles

Beltain Moon
  Faire Favours & Flower Wreathes

  Fyne Handmade Beadwork

Burnt River

Byrd's Baskets
  And Magic Nests

By Special Request
  Fyne Silver Jewelry

Carne Vale Clothing

Celtic Dragon
  Jewelry & Swords

Celtic Mist
  Soaps & Fragrances

Characters In Clay
  Pottery With An Attitude

Completely Custom Company
  A Little Bit Of Everything

Compleat Corsetry
  And Diverse Sundries

Dark Crystal
  Perfect Ren Faire Wear

  Forest Faery Folke

Dragons Hoard Studio
  A Renaissance Bazaar

Dragons Perch
  Take Home A Pet Dragon

Dreame's Courser
  Faire Souvenires

Dreaming Wolfe
  Fire Forge & Blades & Bags

Ebony Rose
  Renaissance & Fantasy Clothing

Faire Creations
  Fyne Renaissance Clothing

Firebird Arts & Music
  Books & Collectibles

Fire Fox
  Furs & Leather

Gaean Allusions
  Elegant Stoneware

Garden Artscapes
  Nature & Whimsey

Goblin Art
  Masks & Puppets & Sculpture

Goldyn Griffyn Goodes
  Treasures Olde & New

Hands In The Tide
  Hand Bound Journals
  Animal Free Crafts

  Gifts & Collectibles

Hat Matters
  Everything for Your Head

Oden's Forest
  Fyne Wood Works

Heavenly Designs
  Wands & Chimes & Feathers

Honeystone Candles
  Meet The Queen Bee

House Of The Silver Winds
  Musical Instruments

  Astrolabs & Tableware & Jewelry

Jane Urbach Books
  Basics & Baubles & Beyond

Jebedi's Jewels
  Elegant Hair Sticks

Jewlery By D.A. C.
  See Silver Ring & Chain Making

Jon King
  Goblets & Flagons & Mugs

Kennon James Illustration
  Fantasy Art

Kings Valley Farmers Market
  Fresh From The Fields

Kissing Dragons - Leaping Frogs
  Magical Pottery

Komodo Traders
  The Mysterious East

Laughing Dragon
  Carvings From Enchanted Wood

Lavendar Acre
  Pineneedle Baskets & Lavender Wands

Lavender Moon
  Candles & Body Care

Lightfoot Company
  A Trader's Bazaar

Little Toad Designs
  Fantasy Folke & Friends

Lotus Flower
  Henna Designs

  Fyne Handcrafted Instruments

  Medieval Miscellany

  Pleasant Pottery

Magic Myst Clothing
  Costume Rentals & Sales

Maiden Concepts
  My Lady's Sleeves

McTimmonds Valley Farm
  Pygora Goats & Fiber Arts

Midden Meadows
  Meet The Sheep

Moccasin Company
  Cool Shoes For Faire Feet

  Clothing & Accessories Of The Tymes

Nature's Fantasy
  Fyne Jewelry

Nos Veneficus
  Treats & Treasures

Of Cows And Sand
  Glass & Leatherwork

Oak & Iron Forge
  Renaissance Blacksmithing

PS Perfect Scents
  Potpourri & Sachets & Incense

Rampant Lion
  For The Celtic Household

Rapunzel Rapunzel
  Hairbraiding & Fairy Garments

  Garlands & Masks

Raven Wings
  Olde Worlde Perfumery

Redwolf Ltd.
  Handforged Jewelry

  Aromatics For The Soul

Renaissance Styles
  In Clothing & Sculpture

Rose Red
  Hats For Your Princess

Sacred Creations
  Wonderful Walking Staves

Sand Castle Candy
  Create Your Own Edible Art

Shadow's Treasure Chest
  Cloaks Of Every Class

  Magic Jewelry & Favours

Silver Dragon
  Peasant Blades

Stag & The Griffin
  Renaissance Family Clothing

Steelcraft Medieval Weapons
  Legends of Camelot

Stone Flower Pottery
  Elegant Creations

Stone Garden
  Furniture From The Past

Sun In Splendor
  Pewter & Velvet

Swords & Shields
  Wooden Toys

Tenth Muse
  Circlets & Jems

Terra Madre Creations
  Natural Elements In Jewelry

Three Crones Pottery
  Flasks & Flagons & Amulets

  A Travelers Bazaar

Treasure Designs Gift Gate
  Dolls & Pottery & Floral Arts

Tri Canis Nox
  Handcrafted Wooden Tankards

Village Pony Pictures
  Memories In A Snap

Vro's Sculptic Glass
  Shining In The Sun

Wee Did Thizz
  Soft Sculpture Beasts

Wilbur's Stained Glass
  Sun Catchers - Beads- Jewelry

Wild Gatherings
  Kaleidoscopes & Teleidoscopes

Wild Things
  Uncommonly Fyne Sterling

Wind Song
  On The Breeze

Ye Olde Toy Shop
  Wooden Games & Walking Staffs  

Meandering Merchants

By Any Other Name
  Fairy Wings & Leather Roses

Duel Shoppe
  Children's Wooden Toys

Enchanted Face Painter
  Look For The Roving Wagon

Knot Lady
  Roving Pretzles

Kool Kids
  Capes & Headwear & Adornments

Lost Valley
  Garlic Braids

McGrew Artistry
  Patterns & Arisaids & Kilts

Nature's Goods
  Dried Flowers & Herbs

Pickle Puss
  Crisp & Tangy

Sir Arthur's Armory
  Wooden Toys

  Roaming Ribbon Roses  

Fyne Feasting

Bedlam Bangers
  Bangers & Bread Bowls

Daybreak Coffee
  Expresso Surprise

Flesh Peddler
  Roast Bones & Turkey Legs

Gateway Of Delight
  Oriental Chicken

Gourmet Specialties
  Hand Held Feasting

Gypsy Sheilagh
  Fyne Hotte Pastas & Salads

Her Majestie's Munchies
  For Noble Appetities

Lovin' Spoonful
  Ploughman's Platter

McGilly The Magnificent
  Homemade Birch Beer

Midnight Sun Bake Shoppe
  Renaissance Baked Goodes

  Bavarian Roasted Almonds

Olde Tyme Kettle Korn
  A Royal Treat

Pig In A Poke
  Roast Boar & Bread

Queen's Creamery
  Iced Treats

Sara's Tamales
  Treats From Spain

  Fabulous Funnel Cakes

Splendid Spud
  And Marevelous Toppings

Tom's Tea House
  Delights Of Far Cathay  

Pleasant Players

May Be Found Upon These Stages
& Street For Thy Amusement
  Friar Tuck's Main Stage
  Tourney Stage
  Caravansary Stage
  Dancer's Rounde Stage

Albion School Of Defense
  A Hearty Display Of Dueling

All For A Lark
  Slighty Bawdy Ballads

Cabbages & Kings
  Discourse Upon The 16th Century
  Gaffer Applewright, Sage & Scholar

Carnevale Players Present
  The Taming Of The Shrew

Clan McKinnon Piper
  Skirls & Whirls

Dance Of The Gael
  Traditions of Scotland & Ireland

Eric The Occasional
  Juggler & Knotter & Storyteller

Gaiain Allusions
  Bowed Psaltry & Pennywhistle

Greyfort the Guileful
  Strolling Magician

Hey Nonny Nonny!
  English & Celtic Folke Music

House Of Nejmah!
  Authentic Belly Dancing

James The Obscure
  Teller Of Tales

Junction City Brass Ensemble
  Rousing Renaissance Music & Fabulous Fanfares

Knights Of Avalon
  Joust For Your Pleasure
  11:00 am & 3:00 pm

Laurie Childers

Not Just Stories
  The Cornish Storyteller

O'Carolans Consort
  The Art Of The Harp

Pearwood Pipers
  Elizabethan Aires

Punch & Judy
  Modest Peacock Theatre

Robert The Strange
  Fire Juggling

Salem Madrigal Singers
  Airs From The Court

Shannon McNerney, Annette Pritchard & Son
  Celtic Harp & Voice

Sharon Thormalhen
  Solo Celtic Harp

Sherwood Renaissance Singers
  Sweet Airs

Songbird Unlimited
  Celtic Voices

Vancouver Madrigal Singers
  Make A Joyful Noise

  Tales For Grown Ups  

Amusements and Diversions

Avalon Archers
  Spears & Archery Games

Foil The French!
  A Game Of Skill

Gaggles Of Games
  Feed The Dragon
  Hoop A Unicorn
  Peg A Beast

Gathering Of The Clans
  Let The Games Begin

Hunting Lodge
  Get Ready To Go On A Quest  

Living History Guild Displays

Bard Of Falconers
  A Noble Sport

Castlewood House
  Ambassador Of The Scottish Crown

Clan Cwn Annwn
  Reveling Villagers

Compagnie Of Goode Greeters
  Offer The World's Smallest Costume
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Cymry Glyn
  Welsh Equestrians
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Highland Wanderers
  Gaelic Learners Of Eugene

House of Commons
  Village Peasant Folke
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Laughing Hart Inn
  Village Folke Gather Here
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Lord Chamberlain's
  Noble Compagnie
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Mad Stampers
  Front Gate Frenzy
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Noble Birds Of Prey
  Chintimini Wildlife Rehab

Oberon's Academia of Hearthaven
  Elizabethan Lore & Lectures
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Order Of The Black Rose
  Art Of The Renaissance Rapier

  A Haven For Buskers
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Royal Coursing Hounds
  Greyhound Pets Of America

Shire Reaves
  Keeping Her Majesty's Peace
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Wee Forest Folke
  Fairies & Elves & Imps
  A Shrewsbury Guild

Ye Merrie Greenwood Players
  English Country Dance & Play

Yr Gwyliad
  A Band Of Welsh Bladesmen

Shrewsbury Guilds Behind The Scenes

  Wattle & Daub & String

  Behind The Curtain

East Passage Shipping Company
  Villager's Aide

  Docent Services & Partys & Weddings

Shrewsbury Hands On History
  Educational Outreach

Shrewsbury Press
  Gutenberg's Traditions  

Friends Of The Faire

  Albany Jaycees
  City of Philomath
  Corvallis Chamber of Commerce
  Corvallis Jaycees
  Lebanon Jaycees
  Oregon National Guard
  OSU Federal Credit Union
  Philomath Boy Scout Troop 685
  Philomath Fire Department EMTs
  Philomath Police Department
  Wells Fargo Bank of Philomath  

Champions Of The Faire

  Coupon Tabloid
  Corvallis Convention & Visitors Bureau
  Corvallis Gazette - Times
  Clear Channel KFLY Radio 101.5 fm
  Eichler Hay Company
  Maxfield Farms
  PEAK Public Electronic Access To Knowledge
  Philomath Chamber Of Commerce

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