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A Few Words of Wisdom

Faire Folke work very hard at keeping the Village ambiance. Try not to talk about the “real” world in front of the Public. It detracts from their Faire experience. Take those football scores “off stage”.

Avoid expressions like “they did it like this in the Renaissance”. Remember, at Shrewsbury *you are in* the Renaissance! Consider the modern Public right along with you in the 16th century too....those “strange garments” they have on simply mean they traveled to Faire from some far village or distant land with different customs!

Hide or disguise any modern items you may want to carry. Push your watch way up your sleeve or pop it into your pouch.

Save gum chewing and cigarettes for “off stage” and out of the Public eye. Neither had been invented yet!

Most importantly, stay in costume during public hours and whenever you are in public view in the Village.

Make sure you drink plenty of water or lemonade, have a salty pretzel, and eat a pickle! Faire Folke know to do this on a hot day to replace potassium and protect against dehydration. Lemonade and Salt mixed together is a potion known by several interesting names, but it does do the trick! Eat lightly and often, and keep those electrolytes up!

Need help or have questions? Find the Support Staff Coordinator in charge of your area. But be kind to them! By Faire Day their nerves are a little jumpy!

Be tidy! Faire Folke and Participants always clean up after themselves. Help keep the Village neat, and Vendors, clean your site when you leave.

Be considerate and help Security. Follow their directions, even if you do not agree with them. They may be handling a situation you can’t see and they don’t have time to explain to you.

And most important of all, have Fun! Enjoy yourself, and so will the Public. You, as a Villager and Participant, will be what they remember most about their day in 16th Century Elizabethan England.


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