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A Basic Faire Speech (BFS) Primer

Through the use of interactive theatre, all the Faire will become your stage as you greet all that you meet, both Public and Participants alike, with a merry Good morrow, or a hearty Welcome to Faire. Most importantly, greet the Public as you pass them in the Village street. Try a bow or curtsy as you go by, and donÕt forget eye contact. Some of the best memories the Public will take home with them from Faire will be of you. Here are some words and phrases to get you started with your Basic Faire Speech.


Hello, nice to see you! = Hail and well met!
Good day! = Good morrow!
Good evening = Good eÕen
What time is it? = How stands the hour?
Where are the restrooms? = Whither be the privies?
What is your name? = What be thy tide?
Pay attention! = Prithee, attend me!
IÕm thirsty = I be parched.
Goodbye, I gotta go! = Fare thee well; I must away!
Later! = Anon
Yes = Aye / Yea
Never = NÕer
I donÕt believe it! = Fie!
ThatÕs Great!! Thank you = Most Wondrous Well !! Grammarcy
No = Nay
Often = Oft
Why = Wherefore
Maybe / perhaps = Mayhap / Perchance / Belike
Very / Truly = Verily
Please = Prithee / Pray
Enough = Enow
Darn it! = Alack / Alas
Wow! Far out! = Marry / IÕfaith
YourÕre kidding! = Go to!
Really? = In sooth?
I think, I guess = I trow / I think me / methinks
Pardon me = Pray pardon
No way! = Nay not!
Oh, no; Too bad = alas / well-a-day
WhatÕs up? = How now?
IÕm starved. LetÕs nosh. = Let us away in search of victuals afore I do perish


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