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A Renaissance Faire is a wonderful mixture of many things. Its partly a craft Faire, itŐs partly historical reenactment, itŐs partly performance art. And itŐs all fun when the Public comes to join in the Play.

Everyone working at the Faire, whether Crafter, Performing Artist, Guild, or Volunteer Guild Member, dresses in the costume the Elizabethan period, and ensures their booth or product or art or talents calls up the memory of the English Renaissance Era.


Whatever your area of interest, you will be joining in a 16th century adventure modeled on the merriest of elements during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I; the time of Sir Francis Drake, and of course, William Shakespeare. Participants from many areas of the Living History Community work very hard to create this atmosphere and to establish an ambiance within the Village. Here the public will experience the sights and sounds of the past as Faire Folke go about their crafts and celebrations and daily Village life.

The sounds of bells ringing and music and singing, the aroma of cooking foods, and artisans calling out to come see their wares, and fresh flowers, and ribbons and flags waving, and...

Many of the colourful traditions you will be seeing and taking part in at Faire date back to before recorded history. Faires celebrating the changing of the seasons are very much a part of the ancient British Harvest Home Rituals. Seasonal celebrations of dancing, singing, trading and general festivities are the basis of our long English, Celtic, and European Heritage. Even today in villages all over Britain and Europe you might happen upon these joyous ceremonies. Folk rituals arouse in us the memories of simpler times more in tune with Nature.

Modeled on the merriest of elements from the Elizabethan era, Shrewsbury is the only interactive Living History event of its kind in Oregon. All the Faire is a Stage as you don the garb and manners of the era and welcome the public to join in the play. Showcase your wares and talents to over 21,000 visitors as they browse the village.

Ň ...frame your mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.Ó

Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare

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